Automating Complexity In Order To Provide Simplicity

Encha is pleased to announce the launch of its new venture, NERV.

NERV is a provider of private, public and hybrid cloud solutions on the edge for its clients. It Invests in IT Infrastructure close to the point of use. NERV can migrate any application onto the NERV platform seamlessly and in minutes. NERV clients experience large reduction in IT capital expenditure budgets. NERV invests in the infrastructure that will provide our clients with their own secure private cloud.

NERV private cloud clients will only pay for the capacity they use, thereby realising massive savings and making it possible for clients to spend limited cash resources on their core business.

Tiego Moseneke, the Chairman of Encha Group:

‘In our core property business, we sell square meters, provide access to water, electricity and we now sell compute and storage capacity on- the-edge to our tenants as a utility. We will roll out the NERV offering in our properties and offer the solution to other property owners, creating a brand new income stream for property owners. All property owners should be offering NERV to all their tenants. All tenants should be demanding NERV from their landlords. Every tenant deserves their own secure private cloud. Properties on the NERV platform will attract improved valuations.

All Internet Service Providers should be partnering NERV to save their clients large IT infrastructure expenditure. All consumers of IT services should be demanding that their ISP include the NERV offering for any solution they are recommending.

All applications companies which will benefit from being close to their clients’ point of use, should be tenanted on the NERV platform for a much improved client experience. All users of applications should be demanding that the application they use be hosted on NERV.

All Private enterprises which place a premium on being in their own secure, private cloud without laying out a fortune on IT infrastructure should be on NERV.

All public institutions should migrate their IT environment which are by definition security sensitive, onto NERV for secure, local and private cloud on-the-edge, without spending limited public resources.

In the next phase, we will unveil a number of exciting NERV retail products’.

Sedise Moseneke, the CEO of Encha Group:

‘NERV is a leading technology platform that seeks to provide our clients with computing and storage solutions which are forward-thinking. Our aim is to create an integrated platform that saves money for our clients and makes them efficient.’

Andy Brauer, the Chief Technology Officer of NERV:

‘Distributed environments are now the new normal and as the world adapts to this and exploits are on the rise, we need to ensure that business resilience is maintained if companies, irrespective of size, big or small, are to remain competitive and adaptive. In order to achieve this, we remove complexity and provide simplicity.’

Andre Steyn, the Chief Commercial Officer of NERV:

‘NERV provides a commercial win-win solution to both tenant and landlord, with a clear improvement in overall business efficiency.’

visit nervtech.co.za