Encha is a strategy-led and research driven investment house.

Our mission is to be a consistently successful investment house that creates wealth that will grow steadily over many generations; and contribute significantly to the economic development of our country and the African continent while ensuring that our shareholders, management teams, employees, co-investors, investee companies and other stakeholders partake fairly in our growth and success.

Encha Investment Philosophy

Encha‚Äôs philosophy is founded on the firm belief that the creation of wealth is a long and painstaking process that not only requires consistent creativity and innovation but also:

  • immaculate planning and execution;
  • detailed and consistent application; and
  • patience, discipline, resilience and integrity. 

Encha Investment Approach

Even though the Encha Investment Approach is agnostic as to sector and is rather strategy led, the intensity of our involvement in each of our investee businesses is such that Encha can invest only in a limited number of positions at any one time. Our current investment drive is focused on: