Since more than 15 years ago, Encha has gained impeccable knowledge and expertise of investing in, operating, and maintaining real assets and the related commercial ventures in the property sector. Encha is now applying this knowledge and expertise to grow and drive commercial ventures, underpinned by infrastructure-type real assets, in a variety of economic sectors.

Infrastructure assets are physical structures, as well as digital and electronic networks that facilitate the delivery of public and economic services to society. These assets can be categorized broadly:

  • Utility assets – power generation facilities; power transmissions and distribution lines and equipment; gas transmission and distribution pipelines and related equipment; treatment plants and distribution pipes and related equipment for potable water; treatment plants for wastewater; critical internet and communications networks.
  • Transport and logistics – roads; bridges; tunnels; parking facilities; airports; seaports; railway lines and facilities; container terminals.
  • Social services assets – healthcare facilities; schools and other education facilities; social housing; correctional services facilities; court facilities.

Encha seeks to operate a business that generates, for its investors and financiers, investment returns:

  • That are regular, predictable, cash based and generated from leasing capacity on infrastructure assets.
  • That are earned from operating the infrastructure assets over a long period of time.
  • Whose capital growth is accelerated through the application of disruptive solutions to infrastructure-related market inefficiencies.


Encha Infra pursues its listed infrastructure investment through Mahube Infrastructure Limited (‘Mahube’) (JSE: MHB).