Encha cares deeply about the society in which it conducts its business.


The social responsibility program of Encha is EnchaCares.

Our society will only become a Good society when all its people can have Good and productive lives which allow everybody to grow their children in Good circumstances, give them a Good education, keep them in Good health and give them a Good opportunity to be Good citizens themselves and live a life of dignity. To this end, EnchaCares supports programs which will give as many people as possible an opportunity to achieve this ideal.

Encha Cares Supports

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Holistic Early Child Development;

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Teacher Development and Motivation;

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Access to higher education for poor but deserving students;

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Mentoring and support programs for emerging entrepreneurs and talented individuals; and

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Research and thought leadership for the leadership development of a Good society.

Zoom Panel Dsicussion

Tiego Moseneke, The late Chairman of Encha Group, was one of the panellists who took part in the #WitsExecThinkTank Round Table Discussion: Recovery from the Economic Impacts of Covid-19. This was on the 29 October 2020. The #WitsExecThinkTank is part of the Centenary Celebrations of Wits University. The other participants were:

Welcome address: Lesiba Mothata – Governor of the Wits Foundation
Host of the Discussion: Dr Azar Jammine - Governor of the Wits Foundation
Facilitator: Professor Mills Soko Wits School of Governance.

Dr. Richard Friedland – Chief Executive Officer, Netcare
Trudi Makhaya – Economic Advisor to the President of The Republic of South Africa
Tiego Moseneke, Chairman, Encha Group
Pavlo Phatidis- Chief Executive Officer, Aurik Investment Holdings

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Encha always strives to be a Good corporate citizen.